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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do for an additional 3% service charge. We also accept cash and checks.

Q. Do you deliver?

Yes, delivery charges vary depending on area. Delivery minimums are 3 cubic yard for dirt/sand/rock, 5 cubic yards for mulches, and 1 Pallet for Sod

Q: How much watering should I do after I first install the lawn?

Water your new lawn thoroughly after installation ensuring that both the sod and ground  is wet and that the soil is moist at a depth of three inches. This is approximately one inch of water. Repeat this watering cycle every day for the first two to three weeks. Remember that shaded areas and heavy soils require less water than full-sun areas and sandy soils. When proper rooting is evident, back off on watering gradually until you get it down to approximately one inch of water per week, instead of per day.

Q: When will my new lawn be ready to mow?

Mow within 10 days of installation and bag clippings for the first few mowings. New installations are often uneven and care should be taken not to “scalp” any high spots.

Q: How often should I fertilize?

A balanced fertilizer with a slow release form of nitrogen such as 13-13-13 stems better overall results at establishment, and then use a 3-1-2 (i.e. 21-7-14) @ 5 lbs per 1000 sq/ft. As a general rule, fertilizer takes place two times a year (spring and early fall) on St. Augustine and Zoysia. On Bermuda, use 3-1-2 @ 5 lbs per 1000 sq/ft in the spring and fall with an additional Nitrogen application of 21-0-0 @ 2 lbs per 1000sq/ft in early June.

Q: How many bags of mulch equals a cubic yard?

There is approximately 13.5 bags to a cubic yard.

Q:  How may 2.5 cubic ft bags equal a cubic yard?

Approximately 54 bags to a cubic yard

Q: How pieces of sod are on a pallet?

St Augustine 400 sq foot pallets have approximately 150 pieces per pallet.

Bahia 450 sq foot pallets have approximately 180 pieces per pallet

Q: How do I figure how much product I need?

Rock, Mulch, Dirt and Sands are sold by the cubic yard or half yard.

One cubic yard covers approx. 100 sq ft at 3" deep.

Length of area x width of area divided by 100 will tell you how many cubic yards.

Feel free to call us anytime and we can assist you in calculating.

Q: Is there anything organic I can use to kill weeds?

1 Gal of Vinegar

2 Cups of Epsom Salt'

1/4 Dish Soap (ex: Dawn)

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