Cypress Mulch and Sod Inc

Greening Up Brevard One Piece at a Time

Mushroom Compost

100% Organic

Great for Vegetable Gardens

(currently unavailable until July 2021)

Landscape Soil/ Ferti-Comp (Not labeled Organic)

Class AA finshed compost- which is a high quality mark for compost by the EPA (Pathogen Free) Provides slight Nitrogen charge and beneficial bacteria.  Improves soil structure and water holding capacity.


As a top dress to refurbish soil around fruit trees

Tilled into soil vegetable gardens... Not recommended for vegetables grown in pots unless it has other components blended with it.  

 May be used as 1" layer over soil prior to laying or spreading over existing sod.

Crushed Coquina
Orange in Color
Top Soil
Clean and Screened

Asphalt Millings

Great for Driveways

"Currently by Truckload Only (18yards)"

Clean Fill Dirt

Paver Base
Crushed concrete (fines)
Used in laying pavers

Yellow Sand
Builders Sand
White Sand/Masonry Sand
Great for under pools or when installing pavers